Audience Whispers

At the end of each show, #IDEK Theatre Company aims to collect feedback from both students and teachers alike to allow us to continuously evolve and improve. We like to collate this feedback into our Audience Whispers videos and publish them every week of a tour. 


"Professional, Engaging, a real worthwhile performance,"


"Thank you so much. The performances were excellent and the students were really focused and related easily to what was said/done. The performers and their team were very friendly. A great morning - thank you!"


"Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity, it was fantastic to see our students engaged and enthusiastic about their options and their future - they continued their discussion into the next lesson! Thank you,"


"Aimed exactly at the right age group, it was supportive of their choices, the fast pace and physical nature of the show meant they were fully engaged - to do that to a whole Year 8 and Year 9 cohort is fantastic, the students were raving about it afterwards!"