Our Creative Team


Rory O'Neill

Rory O’Neill is a theatre-maker, musician, and teacher. He is the co-founder and artistic director of IDEK Theatre Company and currently works as a lecturer in Acting and Drama at the University of Northampton. Before joining Higher Education, Rory was Head of Performance for a secondary school academy chain where he was responsible for artistic vision and direction. As part of this work, he trained future secondary schools Drama teachers. 

Rory has close links with Frantic Assembly and has previously collaborated with Neil Bettles (Movement Associate on The Cursed Child) to produce work for the National Theatre. Rory also has close links with the RSC.


Tim Halliday

Tim Halliday, has over 25 years experience in the production industry working with musicians, choreographers, theatre makers and academic researchers. An accomplished technician, Tim films, edits and produces videos, alongside all aspects of theatre and stage production. In addition to his industry work, Tim continues to inspire staff and students in his technician role at the University of Northampton.


Leah Hodgkin

Leah Hodgkin, is a Drama graduate from the University of Northampton, and is currently employed by the Pauline Quirke Academy for performing arts. Predominantly teaching under 6s, Leah has experience in a range of different skills, genres and techniques; comedy, drama, musical theatre, film and television. Leah has also trained under an accomplished photographer, who has over forty years' experience in the field. Her photographic work has sold on numerous occasions and she continues to produce photographic portraiture, landscapes, and events. Alongside her studies at university, Leah is also involved with the Imagine A Day Project - a project which responds to the need for sustainable change by using drama-based workshops to guide percipients through their thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding their futures.